About ChemPhys

Polymer molecular engineering laboratory (PME) was founded by Prof. Qui Tran Cong-Miyata with Dr. Tomohisa Norisuye on July 2001. Because our laboratory has intermediate location between polymer chemistry and polymer engineering, our studies cover (1) material design and preparation, (2) advanced analysis of structure and dynamics and (3) evaluation of properties and functionalities, leading to a good opportunity for students to pursue and master wide variety of scientific techniques rather than merely observation. In addition, we have often invited active researchers from all over the world to communicate and make exciting discussions with them.

Our research interests

Although ChemPhys is managed by both Prof. Qui and Dr. Norisuye with helping each other, they have own research area and interests. For Prof. Qui's research team, the main interests are devoted to photoreactive polymer blends. Demixing of two blend polymers can be controlled by irradiation of the UV-light in addition to the variation of temperature and pressure. They have focused on these characteristics and investigation of the unique phase structure by means of microscope, spectroscopy and scattering techniques.

On the other hand, structure and dynamics for networks, nano particles and/or composites have been investigated by Dr. Norisuye's groups. In their study, the reaction process and hierarchal structure are investigated by combination analysis of microscopy (real space) and scattering (inverse scale) techniques in order to elucidate the relation between structure and properties. These techniques can be immediately applied to
coating, cosmetics, conducting materials and so on. As a matter of fact, we collaborate with a few companies to develop a new class of materials.

On the contrary to the application topics, we are working on the advanced analysis for cross-linked materials by deeply taking into account the basic physics in order to contribute the field of the fundamental science. However, we believed that the more important point for students is not merely techniques but their learning process, their creativity and initiative, which can be acquired during the study at ChemPhys. So, why don't you join our groups under the guidance of the staff of ChemPhys to promote globally competitive research and development?

To join our group

If you are a student, who wishes to receive education, please contact to the admission office and the international planning division at KIT. You can join our group in the last year of the standard course. If you have doctor's degree and look for a place for further study to extend your skills, please contact to Prof. Qui Tran Cong-Miyata about the possibility to join our group. You will be welcomed if our interest matches well.


We have several recreation events such as cherry blossom viewing party (spring), drinking party after the successful completion of entrance examination for master course (summer), mini-trip (autumn), farewell party (winter) and etc. To perform active researches, relaxation is also necessary. Let's have fun with us!

With our best wishes
Staff of PME

Polymer Molecular Engineering Laboratory
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science & Technology,
Kyoto Institute of Technology,
Matsugasaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8585, JAPAN