Tue, February 22, 2005

2005 final defense for the graduate and undergraduate programs

Our graduate and undergraduate students made research presentation in Feb 17.

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Fri, February 18, 2005

Polymer (Living polymerization)

Our new paper entitled "Comparison of the gelation dynamics for polystyrenes prepared by conventional and living radical polymerizations: a time-resolved dynamic light scattering study" appeared on Polymer, 46, 6, 1982-1994, on 24 Feb 2005.

Living radical polymerization(LRP) enables us to obtain low-polydispersity polymers by simply adding particular chain-transfer reagents. Our collaborators, Prof. Fukuda's group from Kyoto university, have extensively studied fundamental kinetics for LRP as well as brand new applications using graft techniques. In this paper, we demonstrate a real-time investigation of the structure and dynamics for polystylene gels throughout the reaction process by dynamic light scattering.

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