Mon, June 07, 2004

Nature Materials (Controlling the Morphology of Polymer Blends Using Periodic Irradiation)

On the web sites of the Nature Materials, our new paper appears as letters at June 6.

When more than two components of polymers are mixed, we notice that they exhibit unique patterns depending on the composition, temperature and pressure. Because the periodicity is on the order of micrometer, which is compatible with the wavelength of visible light, it can be good candidates for new class of materials, such as wave guide and photonic crystals and so on. Recently, we succeeded to obtained the phase separated structure with fairly unimodal distribution by periodic irradiation of UV light. Please take a look at our paper from the following link.

"Controlling the Morphology of Polymer Blends Using Periodic Irradiation",
Q. Tran-Cong Miyata, S. Nishigami, T. Ito, S.Komatsu and T. Norisuye,
Nature Materials, 3, 448, 2004
[Link to Nature Materials Website]

posted at June 7, 2004 02:03 PM

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