Sat, August 02, 2003

pme excursion 2003

During the period of Jul. 31 to Aug. 1, we went to Ise city to enjoy swimming, fishing and shopping(as well as playing mah-jongg all night long...)

For the first day, we went to seaside to enjoy swimming and playing beach ball. It was really nice except for one thing that some of our students did not bring their change of clothes. For the second day, we went to Ise Jingu.We could enjoy both foods and sightseeing very much during this period. Finally we would like to address about a chophouse placed at Matsuzaka, Mie. Because Matsuzaka, located between Kyoto and Ise, is one of the most famous place for delicious and juicy beef in Japan, we stopped at Matsuzaka to enjoy grillade. It was really nice so that we immediately decided to visit this place again on our return way.

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posted at August 2, 2003 11:50 AM

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